Terrific Naturally Curved Length Flooring from Bolefloor

Wooden floor for our house or apartment will be a good idea. You can put wooden in every part of your house includes living room, bedroom, TV room, wardrobe area etc. Wooden floor is a floor that is easily to match with other accommodations. These are some pictures that will inspire you to design your house or your apartment using wood floor.

There are two kinds of wooden floor, fine cut and curved cut. You can also give some treatment in your wooden floor such as untreated, high gloss, paint or lacquer. Untreated and curved cut is going to be a famous interior design in everywhere. You do not need a lot of treatments and money but your house looked chic and modern.

If you have a restaurant, you can design the floor of the restaurant in this type of floor. Your restaurant will be looked different and natural. Even your restaurant is modern and classy this kind of will not destroy the theme but it will make it more gorgeous. You can support it with putting some wooden tables with high gloss treatment.

This kind of floor also appropriate with a family room with rock and roll theme, like you can see in the picture below. There is blue wall which is combined with white ornament wall and curved length wooden floor. There are two kinds of chairs in this area, reading chair and small chairs with a glass table in front of it. Those accommodations appropriate with curved wooden floor.


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