11 Modern Teen Room Ideas with Astonishing Inspirations

Your teen kids are different with your child kid, you have to design these two rooms into two different interior designs. You can design your kid’s room with your idea but for your teen’s room you have to discuss it with them because they have already had opinion. These are some picture that will help you and your teen kid in designing their room.

You can suggest them to choose loft bed for their bedroom, this kind of bed is softer and easy to be arranged. There many kind of colors that they can choose for their room. They can appropriate the color with their room theme and the platform of the bed. Having loft bed will also make them choosing the platform model based on their taste.

If you have two teen boys or girls in your family and they are willing to share the room for both of them it will be very helpful. You only need to find sharing accommodations for those two kids. You see one of the pictures below that put a white table in the middle of the room. This table belongs to two kids who stay in the room. There are also long book shelves on the wall above the bed and the table for two kids.

 If you have wide area for your teen’s room, one of the pictures below will give you inspiration a lot. There is a loft bed with white platform in the middle of the room. Next to the bed there is a unique table with floor space and rocking chair. There is also black guitar standing in the corner. There are some shelves and a box on the wall to keep some stuff. Those all accommodations are on the same theme and color, classic green and cream.


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