Cute Living Room with Futuristic Ideas also Cool Accommodations

Living area is the front row of our house or apartment to face by the guests. We need to give extra attention to it, because our guest judgment can depend on living area style. You can put your favorite color and accommodation in your living area to present your personality to them. These pictures below will show you awesome living area by cool accommodations.

Purple, black and white living area in new theme can show modern owner. Two comfortable chairs also white pouf and white rug fur on the black floor is very nice combination. Purple shelves on the white wall are most interesting.  Near it are white book shelves with some books on it and white wall mount under it also some ornaments.

Beige by purple accent is cool combination in living area. Beige sofa with purple cushions also beige carpet on wooden floor is perfect. Black standing TV on beige wall mount is very nice. Some ornaments and porcelain on the glass cabinet will make this area more beautiful. Some photographs on the wall will make this living room has the owner.

White living area by wall mount to put TV stand, books, ornaments and some stuff can be very great. You can also put some chairs in front of it to help you enjoy your gathering with your guests or your family member. Green carpet on the floor will make this living area warmer and bring awesome atmosphere to the user. 


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