Beautiful Small Bathroom Design with Nice Decoration

Having a small bathroom does not mean we can not enjoy our time in this bathroom. Many small decoration ideas that will be great to be put in your bathroom such as retro, luxury, modern, contemporary, classic etc. Have you ever seen a beautiful small bathroom design with nice decoration in some of the pictures below?

There are a lot of accommodations that will be suitable in your small bathroom such as wash bowl, bath tub, toilet, cabinet etc. You can use bright color in your small bathroom or you can glass material to make your bathroom larger. This is a trick to make your small bathroom looked wider. You can also combine a bath tub with shower cabinet to economize the area.

If you feel that your small bathroom can not cover a shower cabinet and bath tub, you can choose one of them to be put in your bathroom. You can have one of those two accommodations, no need to push yourself to have both in your small bathroom.  A window or mirror in this bathroom will also give wide and fresh effect.

There is a nice small bathroom with beautiful decoration that will be suitable in your house. White bath tub, white wash bowl and white toilet are some accommodations in this small bathroom. Ceramic wall and floor make this bathroom nicer. A small window makes this bathroom fresher and better. Some ornaments and candle will make the atmosphere nicer.  


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