Luxury Minimalist Loft Designs in Black and White with Astonishing Decoration

Black and white are two colors that becomes famous in every part of our life. There are fashion, interior design, painting etc that use black and white as their theme. Black and white are also two color that never looked old in every era. You can apply these two colors in your house also. These are some picture which will provide you luxury minimalist loft design in black and white.

Loft is placed in the highest place in our house, you need trick and tips on how to d├ęcor it to be an awesome place instead to be a warehouse. You can use it as bathroom, dining room, family room, TV room etc. Having black and white loft area is cool ideas. You only need to paint entire house in white and mix it whit black accommodations.

If you want to make black and white family room, you can put black comfortable sofa with white cushion and black table. Black and white painting or photograph in this area will make this room looked more beautiful and awesome. A black floor lamp in this kind of theme area will give strong accent. Place wooden floor in brown will not destroy the theme.

Having black and white dining room is also possible. You only need to place black dining table whit the chair in white wall, roof and floor. You can add white or black hanging lamp above the dining table to make it more awesome. Connecting your dining room with your kitchen is also fine. You can put white kitchen cabinet with some black cutlery set. 


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