Outstanding Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Nice Design

Every girl will be very happy if they have their own bedroom that has been designed as their favorite color, theme or style. Mostly girls love purple or pink room design, those two colors are most wanted colors. If you want to have pink or purple girl bedroom design, some of the pictures below will help you decorate your girl bedroom.
There are many kinds of furniture that can be applied in the girl’s room such as bed on bed frame, canopy bed, versatile furniture, wardrobe, wall shelves etc. Some ornaments for girl’s room will also make the room more beautiful such as hanging lamp, wallpaper, dolls, painting etc. Color theme in girl’s room is also important thing.
We can also put two persons in the one room such as twin girl. We can put versatile furniture to economize the area, versatile furniture is one furniture that has many advantages and functions. Versatile bed will help to keep the bed when the owner does not use it. Versatile table will provide a desk for two persons.

If you want a luxury bedroom with canopy bed, you can see in the pictures below. You can put white canopy bed with pink bed also blanket and pillows. You can also add small dressing table with stool to make this bedroom nicer. Carpet or rug fur will make this bedroom more luxurious and warmer. Window with curtain will make this bedroom brighter.


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