Fabulous Attractive Shelving Appliances with Amazing Decoration

Shelf one of important accommodations in your house, because having many shelves will help us keep our stuffs neatly. It will be more important for those who have home library in their house; these shelves will help them in keeping their books. These are some pictures of shelving appliances in your fabulous house.

Having shelving appliances in your TV room will help you to put some accessories and ornaments that you want to put in your TV room to make it more beautiful. You can keep your TV set, books, porcelain etc on it. You can also make combination in your shelves with combine the cover shelves and uncover shelves in the same shelving appliances.

You can also choose your favorite color and appropriate it with your room theme. You can choose wooden shelves with cream paint on it and combine it with grey sofa to watch TV in TV room. You can also put grey rug fur under the sofa and some cushion. The color of the wall and the floor need to be appropriated also with the theme of the room.

Library room is the place in the house which putting shelving appliances is a must. You can design your shelving appliances in the library appropriate with your library theme. You can see one of the pictures below to give you inspiration. There is huge shelves with combination with cover area and uncover area also a reading sofa and one cushion on the carpet. 


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